Strawberry Assurance Logo- Love


Designed by Mandy Wong
Strawberry Assurance Identity

“Strawberry Assurance is a consultancy firm specialising in risk assessments, security, installation and disaster recovery of IT systems and networks.

The logo mark was constructed using triangular shapes to represent the 3 point process in which Strawberry Assurance operates: risk assessment, undertake required tasks to secure IT systems and provide in-house training to the organisation where applicable. The bold angular shape of the mark combined with a carefully selected logo type and colour palette provides the company a with strong, powerful and authority presence.”


Packaging I love

I love how the contents of the carton are represented in terms of the cartons shape.

“These three different milk cartons distinguish between the rates of fat in the milk by using form rather then colour. The form of the milk cartons reflects in a way on the milk’s texture and smoothness. The two back folds are used as the carton’s handle, while the two in the front function as the spout.
British Council Talented Award 2006″ -RAW EDGE DESIGN STUDIO





Heavenly Bagels.. Heavenly Packaging


I loved Heavenly Bagels logo, packaging, typography, captions, etc !
After a quick research i realized that this brand has been locally produced (Kuwait).

Hug & kiss


“Hug&Kiss was a self-initiated project dedicated to Hong Long…”
The project identity and poster campaign was made to raise morale in Hong Kong after the outbreak of SARS.
SARS strongly affected Hong Kong’s economic growth and people were afraid of going out together and socializing.
This “sweet and lovable” identity was made to cheer people up after shops and restaurants closed leaving many unemployed.

So Natural..Refreshing Packaging


Packaging that is refreshing! Definately represents health and wellness, don’t you agree? So Natural is a part of Freedom Foods Group Ltd of Australia.


Annual Gift Packages


These boxes filled with chocolates were designed for a logistics company in kuwait.


Cocoon Chic logo


A logo i like ! I was given this bag with plenty of goodies from Turkey 🙂
Love u mom !